Brexit Debate – The Good And The Bad

the brexit debate is an important one and not just for the United Kingdom. It paves the way for the whole of the eu to debate their futures and the world.


Great Britain’s decision to leave has sparked endless heated debate all over the country. Pro Europeans believe that it was the single most devastating decision this country has made in recent history, while the brexiteers welcome the change believing it will bring new opportunities to our wonderful nation.

In the end, both parties are probably half right. There are good opportunities and bad consequences following the decision in June.

Lets take a look at the good and bad that will probably come out of our decision to leave the European council.

The Good

We Control Our Borders

The ability to control our borders brings a lot of potential benefits to our society. We could ensure that the labour market does not get saturated with workers, meaning we could afford a real minimum wage. This would be a fantastic result for the working class who are currently slaves to the system.

Those on minimum wage at the moment can barely afford to live, all of the monthly allowance goes on rent, utility bills and food with no hope of being able to save for their own homes one day.

We can also ensure that we, as a country, can defend against terrorism more effectively if we have the ability to close the doors to potential dangers to our society. Currently, it is not hard for anyone to sneak into Europe since there are multiple access points. Once they’re in, they can gain citizenship without declaring who they are, especially if they are asylum seekers.

We control our laws

Currently, we are bound by a lot of red tape forced upon us by the European council. Once we set ourselves free, we can decide which laws we would like to keep and which ones are unneccessary. This of course could be good or bad depending on what our government decides to do, but having the choice is definitely a good thing.

While i understand the concept of trying to find a consensus of laws for the whole world to follow, unfortunately countries need to run their own laws for numerous reasons. For example, there is no point in making a law on how much fish a country can farm Europe wide because some countries (such as Britain) are more blessed with a surplus of this kind of resource.

All countries are blessed with different resources so they should be able to take advantage of this, otherwise they will be disadvantaged and all because of pointless red tape.

Less “multiculturalism”

multicultural is no culture. Unfortunately, having multiple different cultures within our society has not worked and this is because nobody knows how to behave. It creates divisions between religions and ways of life.

When we say multiculturalism, we really mean multi-religion or multi-faith. These are very fiery topics with no room for compromise because a lot of the time, there is no room for it.

Those following the faith of Islam for example, tend to treat females as inferior, can you see a feminist and a Muslim coming to a compromise any time soon?

And that is just one example of many as to why compromise is impossible between ideologies and faiths. The only glue sticking us together is tolerance, however the signs of the times are telling us that this tolerance is wearing thin.

The Bad

Nationalism is on the rise

Nationalism is one of the most poisonous ideologies within any society. It creates war, racism and division against anyone who is not ‘from that country’ and is a great divider of people. It is especially dangerous in a country such as Britain which has people of different backgrounds everywhere.

Unfortunately, the signs are that since our decision to leave Europe, we as a country, have become more nationalistic. We don’t know where that nationalism will lead us to, however what we do know is that in the past nationalism has led to nothing but persecution and murder on a large-scale.

Europe Hates Us Even More

If you thought our chances of winning the Eurovision song contest was bad before, we have just destroyed our chances of ever winning in the future, we may not even be allowed to enter!

But on a more serious note the countries of Europe, especially those who still believe in the European project do not like us one bit. We have never been their favourite neighbours, but now that we have left at a point when they are on the brink of financial ruin, they feel even more betrayed by our decision to leave.

This could make future trade deals with Europe bothersome to say the least. If we ever find ourselves in a bind sometime in the future, we probably will not be able to rely on our closest neighbours for help.

The World Feels More Divided

When Great Britain, an influential nation makes a decision as important as we have done, the world takes notice. This may produce a domino effect within Europe and even the entire world. Nations around the world are already feeling the pressure of economic difficulties and believe that independence may be the way to break free from their troubles.

America has recently just made one of the most momentous decisions in electing Donald Trump, a man who has talked very strongly about independence and has very divisive views.

The world is at the cusp of a major change. That change so far, does not look so great and is showing all the signs of division and separatism. Hopefully that won’t happen, but we will have to wait and see.