Why Atheism Is A Religion 

Atheism has all of the hallmarks of a religion. It has a loyal following, it is an unproven belief and many congregate to listen and take encouragement from their ‘leaders’.


If you have ever had the misfortune of having to defend your religion against an atheist, you should remind them that they are also part of a mainstream religion with its own set of beliefs and its own special following.

This of course will produce a lot of sarcasm and laughter, however, atheism ticks all of the boxes to fit the definition of a religion. Their denial of this is a complete lack of regard for logic.

Lets take a look at the main reasons why atheism is very much a religious group.

Atheism is a belief

The reality of atheism, despite what they say, is that it is a belief. Atheism is just as unproven as theism and so in order to call yourself an atheist, you must admit that you believe that there is no God.

They try to deny this by reasoning that atheism is a lack of belief in God, rather than believing that he does not exist. Unfortunately for them, they still need to come up with an alternative. If they do not accept that a God created the universe then they at least have to admit that it was ‘something else’ and because they do not know what that would be, they must put faith that there actually is ‘something else’ capable of explaining how everything got here.

Atheists will use the ‘lack of belief’ line as an argument against theists also. They say that atheism is a lack of belief in God, therefore the burden of proof is on the theists as they make the claim that there is a God.

Theists can easily flip this on atheists however. They can just as easily state that theism is a lack of belief in a random, purposeless universe and the burden of proof is on the atheist to show how this universe could come about by purely natural means.

New Atheists Preach The Word Zealously

Have you noticed that atheists have become incredibly vocal in recent years? There is a new kind of atheist in our midst, they are vocal about their beliefs and want everyone to know that if they disagree with them, then they are unscientific and frankly, stupid.

With people such as Richard Dawkins, The late Christopher Hitchens, Lawrence Krauss and the like, new atheists have a newfound confidence about their message. They have spread the word throughout the western world in universities and all over the media outlets, the fruits of their labours are paying off as their following is rising rapidly.

But it is not just within the universities that atheists are preaching their message. Disciples of atheism can now be found in most places within our society, previously they would not be so vocal about their beliefs but they now seem to be proud of the message they preach.

Atheists Have A Church

Believing in atheism requires constant faith building from other atheists. They usually congregate online, usually on twitter where they verbally abuse everyone who disagree with them but also on Facebook and other social media outlets.

I have been the victim of a flurry of abuse made by literally hundreds of atheists. I’m not the only one of course, but the point is that when one atheist comments, it seems that hundreds upon hundreds of other loyal followers are not far behind to throw their ten pence piece in. Strength in numbers!

Don’t get me wrong, many atheists simply use social media to share links about their faith and encourage one another by sharing their knowledge and talking with others who hold their convictions.

Without this encouragement from fellow believers, they would sway. It is the exact same concept as in Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Believers in something need encouragement from their peers otherwise they could ‘lose their faith’ in their long-held belief.